We think in solutions – not of solutions.

In choosing nuances as a partner in strategic communication, clients benefit from reduced regulatory risks, new market development and business-enhancing alliances. We take information and turn it into a message. Through effective positioning, our clients are rightfully recognised as experts in their field.

Political Advocacy

Our strategic advice focuses on the realignment of the client’s communication strategy with politics, administrations and media. We turn information into a message. We also identify our customer’s untapped potential through networking with relevant stakeholders. nuances’ tailor-made strategy not only highlights regulatory risks, but also opportunities to further advance the client's market value.


We build lasting relationships with government officials and members of parliament at state, national and EU levels. A professionally-managed dialogue allows the client to anticipate political developments and take part in the decision-making process. We position our client as an expert source of information for policy makers and administrators – as well as an attractive business partner for other business enterprises.

Government Relations

Government relations are an essential part of any business subject to government regulations. At nuances, we inform business and industry leaders about the issues important to their business and the consequences potential regulations could have on their business. EU, national and state law have distinct impacts on business. We ensure that the client has a voice in the regulatory process.


Due to our understanding of legislation processes, regulatory risks as well as opportunities for our clients are identified early on. We monitor the lawmaking process and important issues for the client so that competitive advantage is always maintained. Not only does the client gain a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory framework, but demonstrates its knowledge to stakeholders.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulation management deals with the legal framework of the business environment of our clients. By engaging in direct dialogue with supervisors and regulators, we actively contribute to the opinion-forming and decision-making process at EU, federal and state levels. We place a particular importance on quality information that furthers the client’s position.

nuances understands the important role that regulations and standards play, especially for the client’s business model. We bridge the gap between standardisation processes and industry standards as well as the policies our customers have. In this way, we create new strategic alliances, protect our clients from regulatory risks and create new market opportunities.

Additional Services

Crisis Communication

When a company faces a crisis, a thorough understanding of how the media works is crucial. nuances combines insider-knowledge with an accurate reading of outside perspective on the situation. This allows us to analyse the client’s situation and create a precise strategy to avert the crisis, while the client remains in control.

CEO Coaching

nuances supports CEOs and top managers build group-oriented, strategic communication strategies. We offer media training, professional handling of critical issues as well as questions and topics that determine the success of a CEO and his/her company.

Business Communication

nuances offers tailor-made advice to companies seeking customised communication programs. This includes effective agenda setting and building media networks through dialgoue with relevant journalists. At nuances, we know how important the interplay between politics, communication and business strategy is.

Change Management

We help companies undergoing internal changes by helping clients formulate new goals and strategies that correspond to new structures. nuances knows how change driven by external factors needs to be implemented into the internal structure.