Case study - Strategy Development

The Task

nuances consulted a client in the energy industry with a strong business to business focus. Despite solid growth in Asia and the United States, the political processes posed regulatory risks to the company. The government plans in the German home market began to negatively impact the client and its customers.

This effected how analysts and investors rated the company.

Step One:  Strategy Development

In order to improve the client’s home market, eliminate risk and establish valuable stakeholder relationships for future business, nuances conducted a regulatory risk analysis. This helped create a tailor-made strategy. The strategy was based on two pillars: becoming a valuable, informed partner for policy makers and alliances building with key stakeholders and the media.

The goal: That our client's voice would be heard by politicians, the government and the media.

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Case study - strategy implementation

Step Two: Implementation

The starting point in executing the strategy was identifying the key players in politics and within the administration at the EU, national and regional levels – as well as the media.

It quickly became apparent that the legislation the client was concerned with required a delicate touch. The nature of the legislation was complicated – drafted hastily, cross-departmentally and with many points of contention for legislators of opposing parties. This meant that nuances, together with the client, needed to approach policy makers with specific information as it pertained to the energy generation industry.

Step Three: Effect

By forming a means to effect change within the regulatory atmosphere, the client became better-positioned for managing future risks. The client was able to create and sustain alliances.

As a source of reliable information, key stakeholders and the media valued the client. nuances gave the client a voice and a means to convey their message to policy-makers, civil servants and the media. Through nuances tailored approach to the client’s needs, the company was able to eliminate the risks for its business and turn conversations with policy-makers into lasting relationships.